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Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland —

An employer profile – authentic and attractive

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is the largest producer of soft drinks in Switzerland with the unique product portfolio of leading Coca-Cola Company brands and regional brands. In competition with other strong employer brands, the company wants to inspire well over 100 new employees every year and motivate more than 1,000 current employees for the long term. In order to mobilize the employee success factor effectively, the company wished to realign their employer brand with maximum attractiveness.

Apart from the brand, employer branding is essential for the sustainability of every company.

In a first step Hotz Brand Consultants examined the company in all relevant dimensions: which employees with what profiles are sought and what demands do they make on their employer? What features and achievements make the company particularly appealing to their employees? What are the values and cultural characteristics which should be considered?
To clarify these questions efficiently, a special mix of research methods was defined: the basic modules were focus research, interviews with current and former employees, a mystery application, and an input workshop with people with long-standing responsibility from all sectors, including management.

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Systematic consolidation of findings —

Bottom-up instead of from thin air

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The detailed information obtained was systematically consolidated from a brand point of view. After identifying the basic requirements of potential employees, the special advantages which Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland offers these candidates were defined. Based on these results, effective core communication messages were developed and underlined with pivotal arguments endorsing these statements.

Make Coca-Cola happen – every day —

A strong image that attracts the right people

But what is the essence of the whole thing? Who is Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland as an employer, if you want to describe the company in one sentence? To answer this question, Hotz Brand Consultants drew up a striking positioning statement with a clear employer brand promise and developed initial content and visual ideas as to how this repositioning could be communicated to the general public and firmly anchored within the company. The basis was created for the fundamental realignment of all external and internal employer activities and a strong employer image was developed. In the long term the employer brand promise must be kept attractive and plausible at all points of contact – for suitable and motivated employees.

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Tried and tested methods —

Our “Truffle Pig Process”

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The analytical methods used in the project are exclusive to Hotz Brand Consultants. They guarantee results and provide a maximum depth of content – with a highly pragmatic approach as regards time and outlay. The key stakeholders within the company are involved in the process from the start, meaning that the eventual repositioning is sure to be accepted and the risk of time- and cost-intensive implementation problems is minimized.