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Forbo —

Global brand strategy for sustainable growth

Today Forbo is a leading global company in flooring and movement systems. In 2007, in line with the company’s growth strategy, the question arose as to which brand strategy would achieve this growth: to have a strong umbrella brand or to continue with the more than 25 individual brands. Hotz Brand Consultants has supported Forbo for seven years on all issues of brand strategy.

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Brand Strategy & Brand Architecture —

New direction and control of brand portfolio

Supporting the strategic brand development process to systematic restructuring of the entire brand portfolio and transforming it into a single brand structure, which reflects the power of the umbrella brand into all areas of operation. Support in ongoing restructuring of brand portfolio and issues of brand strategy in the course of acquisitions and/or divestments.

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Brand Identity —

A strong corporate identity: The Forbo Way to Win.

Based on the new brand strategy, a corporate vision was developed and overall corporate values defined in a comprehensive identity process. All the results were incorporated into a multi-year programme to mobilize the employees: «The Forbo Way to Win».

The more clearly defined contents gave the restructured Forbo concern a consistent identity with a stronger self-image. The main challenge was to find a basic common concept to connect the highly disparate business areas, despite the fact that they hardly overlapped at all.

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The more clearly defined contents gave the restructured Forbo concern a consistent identity with a stronger self-image.

Brand design —

A strong global brand identity

Creation of a strong global brand, development and global implementation of the positioning devised in line with the new brand strategy, the values and the brand identity. The brand design that represents the high performance quality and visually communicates the core of the brand was suitably commended (Bilanz ranking 2011).

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Brand communication —

Ensuring consistent global corporate communication

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The new brand strategy was thoroughly documented and guidelines prepared for the corporate divisions, to ensure powerful and consistent corporate communication.

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Brand management —

Ongoing support and further development of the brand

Ongoing support in implementing appropriate, competitive communication to provide lasting support to the brand identity and profile.

Continual support in ensuring effective brand leadership and implementing associated measures (e.g. new corporate website in cooperation with Screen Concept).