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Zölly —

With a strong identity, an attractive brand experience and a clever marketing strategy to sales success

Zürich West – a district in upheaval: the former industrial quarter is being transformed into an area in which to live and work. Right in the middle of this area, a new high-rise soars: the Zölly. The big question: How can over 120 apartments be sold as quickly as possible in an area where competition is rife and already operating with strong brands? For a product that cannot (yet) be experienced? In a city where high-rise living has little or no tradition?

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Identity —

For a living experience of the future

With property, an important part of the sales success is conveying the right feeling of the future living experience. In the case of Zölly, the high-rise is not intended as a temple of luxury living but a sensible place to live for people who appreciate new types of housing and the character of the area. The project therefore needed an identity which conveyed these points: Hotz Brand Consultants found what they were looking for in the industrial past of Zürich West and the pioneering spirit of the time which linked the house and the quarter. The story is closely linked to the engineer and industrial pioneer, Heinrich Zoelly. The high-rise Zölly pays tribute to this piece of history.

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Marketing —

Building trust

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Someone who buys property which has not yet been built has to invest a large sum of money – maybe his entire savings. He will only buy if his desire is sufficiently strong and he has enough trust in the property. That is why it is important that all communications follow the same thread and convey the expected feelings as well as seriousness and security – essential for successful property marketing. Hotz Brand Consultants created and produced co-ordinated advertising and sales media (teasers, splash and website (in cooperation with Screen Concept), newsletter, sales documentation, gifts for buyers, etc.) with an ideal mix of depth of information, degree of detail, and emotional content.

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«Only two months after marketing started, binding purchase commitments had been received for half the apartments.»

Success Factors —

Desirability through a strong brand

The Zölly example illustrates all the features necessary for sales success: a convincing product, creating attention and desirability through a strong brand, a clever marketing and information strategy, and the involvement of experienced property experts with good contacts and knowledge of the market in the operative handling of marketing and sales. And, last but not least, professional project management (catalogue of measures, handling of offers, budget and procedure planning, co-ordination and monitoring of implementation partners by Hotz Brand Consultants).

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Despite a short development and set-up time as well as ambitious specifications (start of marketing in October 2011, goal: 50% apartments sold by the end of March 2012) the expectations were far exceeded. Only two months after the start of marketing, binding purchase commitments had already been submitted for half of the apartments. Hotz Brand Consultants received the «red dot design award» in the category of Communication Design 2012 for this project.

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