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Oerlikon Metco —

Post Merger Brand Integration

It has been official since June 3, 2014: Oerlikon Balzers and Sulzer Metco – now Oerlikon Metco – have merged to become the global technology leader in surface solutions. With 6000 employees, CHF 1.2 billion turnover, a leading range of offers and over 110 coating centres worldwide, this is now the largest business segment of our long-term customer, Oerlikon.

Hotz Brand Consultants supported the complex process of post-merger brand integration with an interdisciplinary team, working with our sister companies in the Brand Leadership Circle. The whole spectrum of brand-relevant measures was implemented under one roof:

from the storyline positioning the new organization and the resulting internal and external communication measures, through to qualifying the customer organization in the efficient global integration of all brand touch points into the Oerlikon Corporate Design.

Project definition —

The start of every change process brings up questions

How do you handle the rebranding of a global organization with thousands of touch points? How do you manage this within a short space of time (due to antitrust law regulations) as well as a limited sphere of action? How do you convey the “relaunch” of a leading global organization to all internal and external stakeholders? And how do you use the unique rebranding opportunity to convince the employees, partners and customers to take the new path together?

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Success factors —

Joining forces to achieve objectives

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– A team: close, open and trusting collaboration between the client project team and the consultant project teams

– Central management of all content, creative and detail projects under one roof

– Systematic approach based on a clearly structured process, in which all measures are planned in detail and are firmly fixed

– Guiding principle «Lead and Empower» for the optimal division of labour between the global and local client teams and the consultant project teams

– Clear allocation of tasks according to competence and effective handover of responsibilities to the relevant specialists

– Business-minded and self-reliant approach at all levels – from project leader with overall responsibility to graphic designer

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The results —

Multimedial involvement of all relevant stakeholder groups

Successful communication of the brand integration to all stakeholders, particularly with:

– A central storyline with adaptations for specific target groups

– A CEO newsletter for employees in 18 languages, a welcome movie with CEO address to employees, “how-to” guides and Q&As for five different divisions, special edition of staff magazine for all Oerlikon employees, tools to establish new brand in minds of employees (desktop background, screensaver, give-aways, etc.), posters and displays for global distribution to all locations, global welcome event for the whole «Surface Solutions» family – rollout by time zones from east to west, interactive methods on the web (by our sister company Screen Concept) to back up the event

– For customers: 67 customer letters for 12 customer groups in eight languages, sales tools for global use (company presentation, give-aways, brochures, etc.)

– For investors and media: CEO interview, image movie developed by our sister company Sensorial, PR texts, etc.

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Successful global incorporation of brand touch points into the Oerlikon Corporate Design, particularly with:

⎯ Practical design guidelines providing clear direction for all touch points and communication media to be incorporated or newly designed (online and print publications, products and packaging, trade fairs and events) as the basis for efficient, decentralized rebranding at the global Metco locations

⎯ Coaching of those responsible worldwide for the rebranding on questions of detail or particularly complex assignments

⎯ Efficient incorporation of the electronic Metco templates of over 600 brochures, documents, data sheets, flyers with thousands of pages into the Oerlikon Corporate Design within three months – with the crucial assistance of the online publishing system Censhare from our sister company Mondays, enabling all global specialists to become involved in an efficient workflow

⎯ Distribution of all relevant electronic Oerlikon templates for documents and communication media to the global Metco organizations using the web-based marketing software Brandmaker from our sister company, GateB

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Conclusion —

Integrated approach as key to success

At crunch time, up to 30 people were working around the clock at times in an effort to handle the diverse tasks within the very tight time frame. The successful outcome certainly validates our integrated approach: the really complex challenges are best overcome by a strong team of complementary specialists. We would like to thank Oerlikon Balzers and Oerlikon Metco for their confidence in us and the first-class collaboration.

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