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Admeira —

A new brand for the media marketing joint venture of SRG, Swisscom and Ringier.

In the spring of 2016 the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, the leading Swiss telecommunications company and one of the largest media organizations in the country are focusing their marketing competences on an ambitious goal:
To use «Digital Change» as a chance and to create new perspectives for the Swiss advertising and media market. Hotz Brand Consultants is developing the brand from scratch for the company – from strategic positioning right through to creating a visual brand identity – and will continue to support Admeira on all questions of successful brand leadership.

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Progress by combining forces  —

encounter the international competition.

United in the aim of providing the Swiss advertising and media market with new perspectives, the three companies are combining their know-how, their technology and their products, thus forming a strong counterbalance to international competitors such as Google and Facebook, whose share of advertising spend in Switzerland has recently increased by leaps and bounds.    

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An inspiring brand ambition as starting point  —

«Create new perspectives by changing perspectives»

It was important that this goal was aptly reflected in the identity of the brand to be created for the joint venture. Hotz Brand Consultants achieved this by turning the forward-looking upbeat mood into a constant feature and firmly establishing the principle of permanent change of perspective as a core element in the DNA of «Admeira».

A brand identity was developed in various workshops which made the creation of new perspectives an essential raison d'être for the organization.

A branding system  —

for a wide variety of touchpoints and situations.

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The digital world poses great challenges for a future-proof branding. The complexity increases when the brand needs to be just as effective – both visually and as regards content - in co-branding with more than 80 media brands as when issuing their own content. The Design Team of Hotz Brand Consultants approached this task with great enthusiasm and developed a dynamic branding system based on a design concept which first and foremost expresses space and movement.

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Bring the brand to life —

bold. surprising. full of ambition.

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Admeira locations in focus —

strong brand experience from day one on.

Admeira first saw the light of day on 04.04.2016. Bold. Surprising. Full of ambition. The employees were the first to experience it: over the weekend several changes took place at the eight company locations in Switzerland. Within a very short time Hotz Brand Consultants developed and realized a multi-stage site branding concept with their implementation partners Form and Westiform, using projection mapping and specially produced communication media to turn the topic of “new perspectives” into a true, tangible experience.

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Take the employees with you on the journey  —

shaping the future together.

The project is, however, not over yet. Now the actual work really starts! Hotz Brand Consultants developed an Onboarding Programme full of measures both large and small to ensure that the new corporate identity is strengthened and the employees are taken along on the successful journey into the future. 

We very much appreciate the opportunity to continue working with Admeira as their branding partner. Our aim is to provide dynamic support so that the company goes ahead with energy and impetus. To a successful future for the Swiss advertising and media market.

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