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Nidwalden Cantonal Bank  —

From a universal bank to an institution that unfolds potential in all phases of life

The glory days of the finance industry are over. Rising share prices, attractive dividends or hefty bonuses are no longer the focal point of the news; instead the ongoing financial crisis and its fundamental impact are making the headlines. Apart from a crisis situation that feels as though it is permanent, statutory regulations, negative interest and new, dynamic players from the Fintech branch are resulting in a difficult market with fierce competition.

«What can and should an established, traditional bank be known for today, if it also wants to play a relevant part in people’s lives tomorrow?»


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Into the future with a powerful, inspirational idea  —

Positioning with strong relevance for people locally – and further afield

Hotz Brand Consultants supported the Nidwalden Cantonal Bank in the search for a powerful, inspirational concept which would mean something within the company and would motivate the employees, and would also provide new impetus and be attractive for the general public. The market environment, the bank itself, and client requirements were analysed in several workshops together with management.

Based on the findings, it was apparent where the particular strengths of the bank and client requirements intersect: in creating opportunities for each and every individual. The Nidwalden Cantonal Bank has always provided value for the concrete needs of the inhabitants of Nidwalden. As a locally deep-rooted bank with personal contact, it plays the role of «potential developer» and ensures that its clients make the most of their opportunities. With suitable solutions at the right time – all life long.

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Thinking from the client’s point of view  —

Implementing the change to the client’s perspective

The newly defined positioning is at the core of all future business activities and must be distinctly noticeable at all brand touchpoints. «A fundamental mindshift is needed throughout the organization to become a proactive potential developer in all phases of life.» In order to achieve this transformation, business must be approached consistently from the client’s perspective. This means that the bank does not only offer products but must also provide solutions; that the focus is no longer only on internal processes but on client requirements, and that the objective is not maximum efficiency but maximum client satisfaction.

In order to communicate the new positioning simply and effectively to the clients, Hotz Brand Consultants conveyed the positioning in a communicative claim, which expressed clearly and concisely the added value which the Nidwalden Cantonal Bank were creating for their clients. Just three words are used to convey what the Nidwalden Cantonal Bank stands for and what it aims to achieve every day.

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A vibrant brand design, easily adaptable  —

Dynamic. Flexible. Broad.


In order to make the new brand positioning visually perceptible, it was necessary to interpret the key features of the positioning into visually effective characteristics. The designers at Hotz Brand Consultants were successful in doing this simply and effectively, at the same time creating a brand design which satisfied the challenging and varied demands of the 21st century.

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Bringing the brand to life —

A personal, approachable and trusted presence at all touchpoints.

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Create tangible brand experiences —

The new image in practice

On 01.03.2017 the design shift became effective at headquarters and the eight branches. In the course of this launch, Hotz Brand Consultants developed a communication strategy across all channels.

The objective was to communicate the launch of the new brand image effectively to the general public and to guide people to one of the new touchpoints like the website, the Facebook page or the bank’s branches.