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VP Bank —

Comprehensive Brand-Refresh

Hotz Brand Consultants supported the internationally established VP Bank Group from Liechtenstein in renewing their brand identity – from future-oriented positioning of the brand, through modernization of the brand design, to implementation throughout the Group.

A clear positioning and a strong, self-confident image are becoming increasingly important success factors, also in the banking world. Against this background, the brand strategy and brand identity of the VP Bank Group were reworked. The revised brand set the course for the future and is intended to send a signal to clients and employees that the bank is looking ahead and sees changes as chances.

A clear self-image  —

The basis for dynamic shaping of the future

The objective was to position the bank in a globally linked, digital world in a contemporary way, without losing sight of its roots. Together with the brand experts of the VP Bank, the strategists at Hotz Brand Consultants deepened their understanding of what the VP Bank wants to signify, and can signify, in the future in such a radically changing environment.

In close collaboration with the Group Executive Management, the global Leadership Team and selected employees from various positions within the Group, the success drivers of the VP Bank brand were systematically identified and integrated in the existing brand positioning.

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An updated and fresh brand design  —

Developed face-to-face

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Based on these facts, the very specific brand design of the VP Bank was brought up-to-date with a strong sense of identity. Special attention was paid to the incorporation of new requirements of the Asian markets with the traditional Liechtenstein values to a new entity. The brand design was developed in close collaboration between the Design Team of Hotz Brand Consultants and the Branding Department of the VP Bank. This cooperation on a partnership basis eventually led to the creation of a variety of fresh and unconventional brand experiences.

A new digital user experience  —

Intuitive. Flexible. Efficient.

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Calydo supported the digitization experts at the VP Bank in transferring the brand identity to the digital touchpoints and the website. The challenge was to guide the users efficiently and intuitively to the required information – whether on a desktop or a mobile phone while on the move. The website modules were defined and detailed style guides prepared during an extensive UX process.

The new VP Bank website impresses with the liberal use of animated graphic elements. The contents pages can be built in modular form by using a large number of different components, allowing dynamic and flexible administration of contents. The safeguarded area for intermediate clients on the VP Bank website functions in the same way.

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An action-packed employee event  —

Inspired by mutual progress

Experience has shown that a brand has to be accessible so that it can be lived wholeheartedly by the organization. It was therefore very important to involve all VP Bank employees and take them along into the future of the brand. Hotz Brand Consultants, together with the VP Bank Event and Communications Team, arranged a rousing Brand Experience Party in Liechtenstein. Set in motion by the new brand movie, around 450 employees experienced the new brand strategy through fun and games at different adventure stations.

The activities ranged from simultaneous chess to holograph messages to virtual reality tests of courage. For the VP Bank employees at international locations, scaled versions of the adventure stations were available in digital form, so that the whole organization could experience the new start together.

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