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Alumo —

A golden thread for an extraordinary textile brand

Alumo, producer of finest shirting materials for the world’s most renowned bespoke tailors and garment manufacturers, has been pursuing the art of weaving in Appenzell for 100 years. Their artisanal manufacturing method has become the exception amongst today’s mass production, but is also quite a challenge in the highly competitive global textile marketplace. To underline the rarity of the company, the brand needed to shine again with even more radiance.

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Hotz Brand Consultants conducted a thorough examination of the brand and devised a trend-setting positioning. When the brand was dissected, it soon became clear how exclusive it was. Because of its purity and rarity, because it is precious and because of the way it has evolved over the years, the Alumo brand can be likened to a mountain crystal, which plays a central role in the brand story. With the attraction of this rare treasure, the brand was portrayed as a consistent identity and brought to life at all touchpoints.

The Alumo brand, which relies on exquisite materials, needed to make a stylish impression which could be conveyed particularly in printed matter and POS brochures, but also in a crystal-clear website. During the Alumo Brand Refresh, not only Hotz Brand Consultants but also all other companies of the Brand Leadership Circle (BLC) contributed with their own special competences.

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Design evolution with maximal effect —

Refreshment for more clarity.

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Based on the previous design elements, Studio Victor Hotz created a new, unified image where great importance was attached to a natural, high-quality design. With a harmonious typeface and a refreshed blue tone characteristic for the brand, Alumo again bears a wordmark bringing to mind a label and conveying much greater clarity.  

Visual imagery with great appeal  —

Mysterious and characterful.

Derived from the brand story, Studio Victor Hotz defined the visual imagery which has a mystical effect and is highly aesthetic. Assembled from alpine scenes and both product and production images which pick up this atmosphere, the result was an emotional visual language which appealed across all media. For the strongly visual brand presence, the photographs were lavishly produced after the shoot in Appenzell under joint production leadership with Calydo.

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«Thanks to the new web presence and refreshed POS materials, the substance and quality of our brand can now be seen and felt outside the company too»

Unified appearance at all touchpoints  —

A cristal clear look online and offline.

So that Alumo can be experienced at all touchpoints, the refreshed brand was implemented throughout. Calydo created a website which impresses with its clarity and provides an intuitive user experience. Studio Victor Hotz ensures a tactile experience with a choice selection of materials and communication media.

Apart from stationery, specific documentation was developed such as cards, books of fabric samples, collection binders or travel folders for presenting the fabrics. Trade fair and live communications were also designed jointly by Hotz Brand Consultants and Calydo.

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«Thanks to the input of the different specialists, the Brand Refresh has been an all-round success.» (S. Geiger, CEO Alumo)

Synergy of entire Brand Leadership Circle  —

Co-collaboration par excellence.

Under the overall account leadership of Hotz Brand Consultants, all Brand Leadership Circle companies were involved in the Brand Refresh, each with its own particular expertise and competence.

This resulted in close, interdisciplinary collaboration par excellence, all under one roof, which was also much appreciated by the client.