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Oerlikon —

Building up a global «Best-in-Class» brand

Oerlikon is a leading international industrial concern with 12 700 employees. In line with its transformation, the objective was to position the company as a global leader in innovation and unite the diverse corporate culture to form a strong identity. Hotz Brand Consultants has been supporting Oerlikon in these endeavours for three years.

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Strategic positioning of corporate brand —

Resolute focus on the reason for success, which is behind all its activities

How do you profile the corporate brand of a global industrial concern which is highly diversified, where their fields of activity change over time, and where their services are already competently represented by the segment or product brands? Oerlikon’s answer: by focusing consistently on the reason for success which is behind all Oerlikon activities: Innovation. Others do that too? But none do it like Oerlikon!

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Mobilizing brand communication —

Use maximum power to make the core of the brand distinctive

Rarely before had the topic of innovation been handled more intensively and completely. From all perspectives, on all levels and at all contact points it had to be clear: Oerlikon is innovation! Special effects were achieved by making the impact of Oerlikon’s innovative performance tangible, e.g. by means of the markets and megatrends, using testimonials, by showing the results of successful client partnerships or by depicting the relevance of Oerlikon services in detail for people in their daily lives. Naturally, cutting-edge communications media and technology were used intentionally.

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Change —

Global in-house brand commitment to strengthen corporate culture

After several turbulent years with various acquisitions and restructuring processes, the self-image and practised values of the corporate culture needed to be strengthened and harmonized. In the course of a two-year international Identity Engagement Programme the common identity was communicated in all divisions, workshops with active participation were held on the topics, and hundreds of brand ambassadors were trained.

The programme was also backed up by an integrated communications programme and orchestrated to a coherent whole. All employees came into contact with the programme and so were able to take the first step into a future with a stronger identity.

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Brand partnerships —

Visibility as global innovation leader

Part of the strategy to position the company as global innovation leader was to establish effective partnerships, in order to give the Oerlikon brand maximum visibility and credibility on the topic of «Innovation». Important partnerships were established which impressively convey Oerlikon’s leading position and innovative strength – such as co-operation with Sauber in Formula 1, the Zurich Fashion Days, and CERN in Geneva.

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Brand Architecture —

Organizing a complex brand portfolio

As a global, highly diversified industrial concern, Oerlikon operates in a wide variety of segments for many different target groups. In the course of the company’s history, a highly complex portfolio has been developed from its own as well as from acquired company, sector and product brands, some of which have very strong brand power. Dynamic growth and ongoing internal reorganization increase the complexity further.

To ensure that Oerlikon can still perform with maximum clarity and power for all target groups – from investors to individual customer groups - scenarios for the future direction of the brand architecture were drawn up and reviewed. Subsequently, the preferred direction was defined in a brand architecture concept, which will help to control and manage the portfolio clearly and efficiently.

The Oerlikon Brandnet —

Efficient organization of global brand management

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The global concern also needs to attain maximum efficiency and brand consistency in operative brand management. Oerlikon decided to introduce an innovative internet-based brand portal. On the one hand, this enables central administration and worldwide management of all brand-relevant information, guidelines, templates and constantly updated availability. On the other hand, the Marketing Resource Management software BrandMaker offers the opportunity for cost-effective and brand-consistent individualizing of key communications media as well as efficient campaign planning for all groups.