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Wüest Partner  —

From good reputation to brand excellence



Over the past 30 years, Wüest Partner has become the market leader in property valuation and consulting services in Switzerland. This independent and owner-managed consulting company with more than 180 employees provides the basis for decisions for the driving forces in the construction and property markets as well as spatial and site development.

No-one knows the Swiss property market better than Wüest Partner. Full of entrepreneurial ambition, today’s 17 partners are launching a new chapter in the company’s history. More consulting. New, innovative tools and digital systems. Regional expansion in Switzerland and abroad.

«We want to lay the foundations for the next chapter of our company’s story.»

Together with the 17 partners, Hotz Brand Consultants devised a trailblazing self-image for the Wüest Partner brand. Detailed, and in the form of a clear directional message. So that all partners are pulling together in unison. So that all employees tell the same story, believe in the same thing and work towards the same goal.

To bring the new strategic direction impressively to life, and to generate attraction for clients and employees alike, the designers from Hotz Brand Consultants also created a brand identity for Wüest Partner which does justice to the essence and competences of the company and also brings the brand visually into the 21st century.

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The new self-image —

Breaking new ground

Hotz Brand Consultants supported Wüest Partner in establishing the new self-image and summing it up concisely in the form of strategic brand positioning. In a multi-stage process, market environment, brand, company, clients and competitors were analysed and the findings summarized in various workshops with the 17 partners. The success drivers behind the good reputation and strength of the Wüest Partner brand were identified in detail.

The brand and offer structure were revised to give more transparency in service performance levels. With an inspirational brand story and the claim «Breaking new ground» the spirit of optimism, which has been a constant feature ever since the company was founded, was aptly communicated. The company name became even stronger in the subsequent naming process.

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The design system —

«Our WNA»

The next step brought the new self-image visually to life. The shape and unique design language of the characteristic design element, the «WNA» – in the style of a market trend curve and a DNA strand – express ongoing corporate progress.

The unusual colour scheme and specific shading ensure strong recognition and distinctiveness– whether applied to analogue or digital touchpoints.

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Bringing the brand to life.  —

First internally, then outside.

After the strategy had been developed and the design created, the first objective was to communicate the new brand identity to the employees. It was important that they were the first to discover how Wüest Partner was set up for a successful future. To this end, Wüest Partner held their Employee Day at the Brand Leadership Building with the specialists from Hotz Brand Consultants. Using games and workshops, the employees explored in detail the brand identity, the competition, the target groups, the success drivers and the service portfolio of Wüest Partner.

Two months later at the Immo-Monitoring Event, an impressive presentation of the new brand identity of Wüest Partner was made to the general public.

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«With the strengthened brand consciousness, Wüest Partner is now optimally prepared to advance as a team to a powerful future.»

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