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Heineken —

A new star on the beverage front

In May 2013 Heineken Switzerland introduced a new brand on the Swiss beverage market: Stardrinks. Hotz Brand Consultants supported Heineken in the process of launching the former Business Unit Wholesale as a stand-alone brand.

A business sector becomes independent —

A new brand for a highly competitive market

Heineken Switzerland operates in the Swiss market with beer (with the key brands Heineken, Eichhof, Haldengut, Ziegelhof) as well as other beverages. In this highly competitive market, restaurants and catering businesses are supplied with the entire range of beverages. As the leading national supplier Heineken Switzerland, with 450 employees and 20 logistics locations, serves a total of 14,000 customers in this market segment.

Together with Heineken, Hotz Brand Consultants is preparing the groundwork for a new brand in the beverage segment, separate from the beer trade, which will accentuate its competence as national drinks specialist with a complete range: from vision and corporate values, to the name, to the visual identity.

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What should the brand represent? —

A partner for minor and major customers

Specific rules apply in the beverage trade. Only those who can meet the needs of the very different customer groups will enjoy long-term success in this market. But what does this mean for the brand? What is the self-image of a company that not only supplies drinks but also provides tailor-made offers for major customers as a service partner? And also personally looks after thousands of individual customers in the whole of Switzerland? Potent business partners, and then the friendly specialist from next door. These competing challenges were of key significance in defining the brand identity, decided on in a process managed by Hotz Brand Consultants.

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«For our customers we are: supplier, partner, advisor, source of inspiration, and the key to success for all beverage-related issues.»

Nomen est omen —

Brand-compliant harmonizing of name and claim

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The brand elements “name and claim” developed by Hotz Brand Consultants show various key facets of the brand to advantage. Name and claim place the brand clearly in the drinks trade. While the name «Stardrinks» conveys a certain claim to leadership, the claim « Zum Wohl. Santé. Salute.» expresses a promise to be the key to success for customers in all drinks-related issues. It broadens the self-assured name «Stardrinks» with greater character and familiarity and, thanks to the three languages, addresses customers all over Switzerland.

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From content to design —

Giving the brand an identity

Implementation of the new corporate identity was realized by «Stardrinks» in collaboration with various partners, based on the key visual elements developed by Hotz Brand Consultants. The logo, showing an abstract hand offering a bottle, reflects the age-old idea of supplying goods and the positioning as a close service partner («Everything from a single source»). Combined with the claim and a colour which is highly distinctive in this segment, it gives the brand a striking and individual appearance which has the desired effect: it was initiated at an internal presentation where the emotional power of the brand was used to create great goodwill for the forthcoming changes amongst the employees involved.

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