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Walter Meier —

From a diversified group to the leading brand in climate and manufacturing

Walter Meier is a global service and industrial organization with approximately 1800 employees and sales of over CHF 800m. The concern is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and has subsidiaries in eight countries as well as representation in 75 countries. Hotz Brand Consultants has been providing support to Walter Meier on strategic and operative brand issues since their repositioning in 2007.

From manufacturer to brand-oriented solutions provider —

Into the future as an integrated concern with a common brand and vision

In the course of succession planning for company management, as well as the focus on climate and manufacturing business activities, positioning was re-evaluated and the brand portfolio reviewed and significantly reduced. All existing brands were transferred to the new company brand «Walter Meier» or placed at product level. Simplifying the overall structure resulted in an organization with one name and a strong identity. Marketing efficiency was improved and identification with the concern was significantly increased.

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A self-assured brand for the market leader —

Creating strong recognition in the market

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In order to achieve rapid presence in the market, a brand identity was developed using a highly distinctive colour to guarantee strong recognition. This central design element was used at all contact points to create a consistent and brand-specific experience.

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Brand and product architecture —

Effective alignment of brand portfolio

With the new one-brand strategy it was necessary to reorganize all the other brands and services into a logical structure for the relevant customer groups. Hotz developed a corporate-wide brand and product architecture which incorporated all customer and market requirements, thereby increasing communication efficiency and at the same time presenting the complex range clearly and simply.

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Implementation & Roll-out —

Efficient implementation of the brand at all contact points

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Due to the extremely tight time schedule until launch of the new brand, corporate-wide implementation had to be realized within just a few months. With their widely diversified team, Hotz Brand Consultants were able to realize the launch on time, ensuring successful communication to the employees and the general public.

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