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Zurich Airport —

Positioning as «Small Leading Hub» in Europe

Zurich Airport, which operates the major transport and meetings hub in Switzerland with 1570 employees, is a quality airport in the heart of Europe and gateway to the rest of the world. Hotz Brand Consultants has supported this multi-award-winning organization since 2003 on strategic and operative brand issues.

Positioning an airport in the market —

What does Zurich Airport represent?

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The Zurich Airport brand represents a particular class amongst large global transport hubs: the class of «Leading Small Hubs of the World». In the areas of land and air traffic, this airport is one of the most attractive choices for departure, transit, arrival, and somewhere to spend time. In a compact space, the amenities of a global, cutting-edge traffic hub are cleverly combined with a broad range of excellent products and services for travellers, private individuals and business people, companies, visitors and residents. Everything is of outstanding quality, well thought-out and clearly presented. Around the clock, seven days a week. Zurich Airport has established a new level of quality for somewhere to be, and is a unique Swiss gateway to the world and to the Alps.

«In the areas of land and air traffic, the airport is one of the most attractive choices for departure, transit, arrival, and somewhere to spend time.»

A brand name that focuses on the core services —

From «Unique» to Zurich Airport

Due to the fact that the previous name «Unique» led to misunderstandings and was barely established in people’s minds, it was necessary to combine the many different services provided by the organization under one name, which would be both distinctive and viable in the long term. The solution lay in reflecting on the original purpose of the airport and finding a name for what Zurich Airport primarily is: an airport. For this reason the new brand «Flughafen Zürich» - and «Zurich Airport» in English - was chosen.

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Focused brand architecture —

Efficiency through combining all services under one brand

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For the many and varied services of the brand, an architecture was selected which dispenses with any sub-brands and which unites all services under the brand Zurich Airport. This meant that all activities could buy into the brand and communication efficiency could be improved.

One identity for all services —

Clear vision and sustainable values for a diverse organization

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How can the identity of an airport be determined? Which historic strengths does the company build on? Which values are behind the organization and should be practised every day? How could Hotz accommodate the fact that the airport provides different services with no direct connection to the core business of an airport? In an in-depth identity process a new vision, company values and distinguishing factors were developed and implemented.

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Zurich Airport is an airport, shopping mile and also a piece of real estate.

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Consistent brand communication —

Anchoring the airport in the minds of all target groups

To make the brand consistently accessible to all contact points and for its ongoing development, Hotz Brand Consultants supported Zurich Airport on all branding issues und created relevant media and contact points, always with the brand in mind.

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