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Alfred Müller —

Transformation process to property services provider of the future

Alfred Müller AG is one of the leading property companies in Switzerland with a highly profitable property portfolio valued at approximately 1 billion Swiss francs. In a strategic process lasting several years, the company has undergone brand-oriented development with the objective of establishing itself as the leading overall property services provider in Switzerland.

From building contractor to leading property services provider —

Development of a sustainable brand strategy

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In its almost 50-year success story, Alfred Müller AG has evolved from a building contractor with a team of eight to a market leader for customized property solutions in Central Switzerland. To do this aspect justice, a comprehensive brand development programme was initiated with the aim of using the leadership position to challenge the nationally established providers and to strengthen its own position all over Switzerland. Based on a thorough market and brand analysis, as well as various management workshops, a sustainable brand strategy was developed which positions Alfred Müller AG more strongly as a competent partner for innovative and customized property solutions.

Establish lasting values in the company —

Extensive values process as basis for successful management change

In the course of the generation change from the founding father Alfred Müller to his sons, it was important to firmly anchor the culture and values practised by the founder. Hotz Brand Consultants carried out a thorough value process and, with management, developed a clear vision and three key values. To ensure that these will be practised within the company on a long-term basis, a training programme was developed with concrete recommendations for all existing and new employees of this family business.

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Repositioning of the brand —

New brand positioning with emotional brand promise

To strengthen the new strategic direction of the company and make it visible to the outside world, a brand positioning was developed which portrays Alfred Müller AG as partner for property solutions with the main focus on the individual living and working needs of the property user.

This positioning is supplemented by the central brand promise which links up with the vision and communicates the added emotional value for the customer – the creation of living and working spaces in which people feel comfortable. Or, briefly: Spaces full of life.

Making the brand visually accessible —

Developing a unique corporate identity

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Based on the new identity, a strong brand design was developed which expresses the message and values of the Alfred Müller brand in visual form. The key recognition feature was a striking brand symbol which guarantees maximum distinction from the competition. This graphic abstraction of a nest is also an overall symbol epitomizing the ideas of the vision, the key values and the brand promise.

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Creating a consistent brand philosophy —

Implementing all communications media and brand contact points

Since the launch of the new brand in May 2012, the new brand promise is at the centre of all media and communication activities. Also, the consistent use of the design elements ensures easy recognition and perception of the Alfred Müller brand in its own right. Whether at trade fairs, the website (in cooperation with Screen Concept), building sites or the customer magazine – everything was aligned both in content and visual form to experiencing the new brand message.

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Increasing brand awareness quickly —

Effective image communication

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To make the claim to leadership and the new positioning accessible to all stakeholders, a set of co-ordinated measures and topics was defined; these are implemented consistently.

Bring the brand to life —

Brand launch and empowerment

In order to launch the new brand identity as successfully as possible in the interests of the corporate strategy and to win the employees over for the new brand, various events and internal tools were developed and realized.

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