#1: Employer Branding —
How to win the war for talent.

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More and more companies are suffering from a shortage of specialists and are battling for new employees as well as new customers. The demographic development, global cut-throat competition, the political environment, and new values for employee-generation  “Y”  mean that recruitment and motivation need rethinking. A high salary is no longer enough to attract good employees and retain their enthusiasm in the long term.

Date: May 12, 2015, 18:00 – 20:30
Location: Brand Leadership Circle, Sennweidstrasse 35, 6312 Steinhausen/Zug

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Leading companies are relying more and more on the power of a strong employer brand which makes the company more attractive and increases the number and quality of job applications. If the brand is also mobilized within the company, this can strengthen the identification and loyalty of the existing employees. Studies prove that an attractive employer brand increases the length of time the employees remain with the company by up to 50% and reduces recruitment costs by up to 40%.

Employer branding stands for the systematic development of a strong employer brand. This is not to be confused with personnel marketing or an employer image campaign. It requires unique positioning as the basis for all activities. Using this foundation, a consistent employer world is created both within the company and outside, and long-lasting brand power is established.



Start: 18:00

1. In Focus: Success Factor Employer Branding (30 minutes)
Speaker: Bastian Schneider, Hotz Brand Consultants

  • Current and future challenges for employers
  • Scope and effect of employer branding
  • Practical examples of strong employer brands
  • Efficient approaches and methods

2. Behind the scenes: Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland (30 minutes)
Speakers: Ursula Kienholz & Men Keller, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland

  • Starting point and project approach
  • Intensified employer branding promise
  • Implementation in HR communication
  • Results

3. Discussion (30 minutes)
Presenter: Bastian Schneider, Hotz Brand Consultants

  • Q & A
  • Topics covered in further detail
  • Exchange of views and experiences
  • Wrap-up and closing

4. Flying Drinks, Food & Networking

End: ca. 20:30



Participants will benefit from a lively exchange of views with specialists. They will share their knowledge on the significance and opportunities of employer branding, and will gain new insight into what is really needed to build up an employer brand and how to proceed effectively. 



This session is directed towards relevant members of management, HR management, personnel marketing, communication and change management.



  • Ursula Kienholz, Talent Acquisition Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland
  • Men Keller, Talent Acquisition & Development Manager (Ex), Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland
  • Bastian Schneider, Strategy Director, Hotz Brand Consultants


Date: May 12, 2015, 18:00 – 20:30
Location: Brand Leadership Circle, Sennweidstrasse 35, 6312 Steinhausen/Zug
Language: German
Attendance fee: free of charge (maximum of 15 participants)