#4: Digital Transformation —
How to surf successfully on the digital tsunami?

The digital tsunami is sweeping across the globe, creating incredible opportunities and revolutionizing our world. It is having a profound effect on people’s behaviour and requirements. New competitors are rewriting the rules of the game and challenging the top dogs of yesteryear to fight for their existence. Value chains are disintegrating and are being redefined – shorter, faster, more direct. Not a single country or branch or business remains unaffected. Every company has to adapt to the new demands, has to develop new competences, tools and methods of working: if it wants to play a successful role in the world of the future: if it wants to take advantage of the potential opportunities in digital transformation.

Our Backstage Event on April 28, 2016 is devoted entirely to this subject. We will share our knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation – and illustrate with examples and methods how brands can use them to the best advantage.

Date: April 28, 2016, 18:00 – 20:30
Place: Brand Leadership Circle, Sennweidstrasse 35, 6312 Steinhausen/Zug


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Target Group
This session is directed towards relevant members of management and the areas of marketing, communication, digital and change management, as well as other interested parties wanting to enjoy surfing the digital tsunami successfully.

Start: 18:00

1. Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes)
Bastian Schneider, Hotz Brand Consultants

2. Digital Change as Digital Chance (30 minutes)
Speaker: Chris Steinacker, Hotz Brand Consultants

  • Current and future challenges
  • Practical examples of successful digitization solutions  
  • Approach and methods

3. Case Study: McDonald’s is going 360 digital (30 minutes)
Speaker: Ben Proske, McDonald’s Switzerland

  • Starting point and objectives
  • Approach and implementation examples
  • Results achieved and lessons learned

4. Discussion (30 minutes)
Presenter: Bastian Schneider, Hotz Brand Consultants

  • Questions to speakers
  • More detailed examination of topics
  • Exchange of experiences

5. Flying Drinks, Food & Networking

End: ca. 20:30



  • Ben Proske, Digital Lead, McDonald’s Switzerland
  • Chris Steinacker, Managing Director, Hotz Brand Consultants
  • Bastian Schneider, Strategy Director, Hotz Brand Consultants


Date: April 28, 2016, 18:00 – 20:30
Place: Brand Leadership Circle, Sennweidstrasse 35, 6312 Steinhausen/Zug
Attendance fee: free of charge (maximum of 20 participants)