Forget standard solutions.
Be a game changer. —

Brand-oriented management and its criteria are constantly evolving. It is good to understand why something used to work in one way or another, but it is even better to use this knowledge as a springboard to creating innovative or even disruptive methods to succeed in tomorrow’s market.

Entrepreneurs are the ones who count.

Let us give much more encouragement to the enterprising entrepreneurs in our companies. Those people with the drive and ambition to want to change the world. The ones who see new opportunities and transform them into added value and prosperity using their talent and commitment. They are of benefit to us all – if we don’t want to lag behind in the future.

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Employee Engagement: How can we take our employees along with us into the future?

The future of a company lies in the hearts and minds of the employees because, in the end, they are always the ones who actually get things moving, inspire the customers, and shape our progress. Nowadays, where continual transformation has become the norm, employee direction, inspiration and motivation have become all the more important. The potential of a company is boundless, if it is successful in taking the employees along the path to the future, if they pursue a clear common goal, and if they become standard bearers for the ambitions of the company.

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Brand positioning: What makes your company one of a kind?

We have had the same experience in many projects: if a company finds that special feature to define it in the future, this can trigger a wave of entrepreneurial energy and creativity throughout the business. Then suddenly the blockage dissolves and the demoralizing feelings of stagnation amongst the employees disappear, soon making way for fresh motivation and positive feelings of progress. This momentum affects everyone in the company and adds identification, initiative and a sense of responsibility to the daily tasks. At the same time, the more focused profile promotes a clear, unique image in people’s heads and hearts and increases the company’s attractiveness to customers and partners. That moment when the engine - latent somewhere in every business - ignites, is thrilling. Then we realize that we, as consultants, can really help to get things moving.

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Shaping a dynamic future: Why is brand leadership so important?

As a businessman you are used to looking at your activities from a wide range of perspectives: the strategic, legal, efficiency and cost angles, competence and resources, as well as the market and competitive aspects. Each of these perspectives has its own function and makes its own contribution to a successful business. I would like to invite you to view your business from the brand perspective, because in my experience this perspective has great significance for long-lasting business success.  And my experience also shows that many companies pay far too little attention to this important aspect.

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