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Addition to our management team —

Alex Herrmann has been appointed the new Strategy Director at Hotz Brand Consultants, effective 01.12.2017. The Head of Strategy for many years at the MetaDesign Brand Agency and Study Head of the CAS Brand Management and Communication of the University of Berne will assume responsibility in the areas of strategy and innovation.

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Let people experience the positive aspects of your trade: article in “Fleisch” (Meat) magazine  —

despite trendy sausage manufacturers, cool butchers, a united medial front against “cheap meat” and dietary trends such as the Paleo diet: the butcher’s trade has a recruitment problem. Strategy Director Bastian Schneider makes the following recommendation to the butchers’ guild: “The future of the company is achieved in the heads and hearts of the team. The employer brand strategy has to be aligned to company culture. Those who manage to direct their activities and communications to their target group and show how cool and fulfilling the butcher’s trade can be, will no longer have any recruitment problems.”

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You don’t need a lot of experts, just the right ones  —

– Interview with «Werbewoche»

It is not easy in the banking industry to really stand out, whether in performance, message, or presence. In an environment which likes to use tradition as a safety anchor, contemporary ideas represent a great challenge. What are the challenges in private bank branding and what role does the boutique-hotel business model play in this context? The “Werbewoche” discussed these questions with Felipe Gomez de Luis, Head of Branding & Digital Communications at VP Bank, Chris Steinacker, Managing Director at Hotz Brand Consultants and Dominik Streich, Creative Director at Hotz Brand Consultants.

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How cross-border marketing works: Interview in Horizont  —

What does an established brand from Germany need to consider when planning a launch in Austria and Switzerland? And how should a marketing organization be structured so that cross-border brand leadership can be successful?

These questions, and other interesting ones on the special features of brand leadership in the DACH countries, are answered by Tobias Baumann, Consulting Director at Hotz Brand Consultants, and Bastian Schneider, Strategy Director at Hotz Brand Consultants, in an interview with Horizont.

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