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The brand is the driving force behind business success; it incorporates the ambitions, the promise, the whole raison d’être of an organization. It is the continuation of a story that is open to change and growth while always following a clear concept. We bring companies to a position where this concept can embrace selective change.

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The brand as an instrument of change —

Brand as hub of operation en

We believe in the success of brand-oriented management: putting the brand at the centre of every business decision. This results in faster transformation, clear differentiation and sustainable growth in a world of tough competition and fast-paced change.

What distinguishes us —

Strategic perspective

Consistent strategic perspective

Business sense creativity

Combining business sense and creativity


Interdisciplinary from strategy to implementation 

Brand Leadership

Brand Leadership Circle —

The Brand Leadership Circle is an association of independently run consulting organizations for brand-driven management. As leading experts in their specialist area they advise their own clients, while collaborating closely with their colleagues in the other companies of the Brand Leadership Circle.

The members of the Brand Leadership Circle follow a consulting approach which puts the brand in the driving seat of company and employee management.