Entrepreneurs are the ones who count. —

by Bastian Schneider

Let us give much more encouragement to the enterprising entrepreneurs in our companies. Those people with the drive and ambition to want to change the world. The ones who see new opportunities and transform them into added value and prosperity using their talent and commitment. They are of benefit to us all – if we don’t want to lag behind in the future.

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Beware of excessive administration

What company can build up anything worthwhile after it has lost its driving force? When its management is only geared towards short-term goals, the business is optimized mainly with regard to risk and efficiency, and strategic aspects are only considered as far as the eye can see? None! Nowadays a company lacking in vision and ingenuity, and smothered in administrative procedures, soon gets left behind in global competition. And finally, when value creation steps are shifted abroad, the employees are left empty-handed.


Companies where there is too much administration and too little innovation cannot do justice in the long term to their corporate role as a driver and catalyst of new opportunities and progress. They become increasingly less able to borrow capital and invest with business expertise in bold development projects. Due to lack of alternatives, many resources remain untapped without prospects, are invested in small, apparent innovations, or opportunities sought abroad. The potential of the original concept of a fruitful cycle of enterprise, investor, innovation, asset accumulation, and progress is exploited less and less.


Shape the future with enterprise

Without enterprising innovators we would remain way below our potential. Not to mention the next generations. What sort of environment and prospects do we want to leave for them? We should be very committed to looking after our entrepreneurs. We should put much more effort into creating and fostering a business-minded culture in our organizations, both on major and minor matters. We should be ambitious and try to change the world.


Because there is still so much to do. Still so much to invent, to change and to improve! The status of our development today should not be the end of the journey – or should it? And beyond our country’s borders: whole continents are only now beginning to develop their social prosperity and the hope of a better life. Billions of people who are still far away from what we consider normal standards. Who wants to help here? Who can help here? Greater enterprise will certainly be a major part of the solution!


Bastian Schneider